Alex Babel

Matrix and Kubernetes Enthusiast. Master student in Computer Science @OvGU Magdeburg.

  • Synapse on Steroids - Using Kubernetes and Renovate for a seamless Synapse and Bridges Setup
  • Mail Announcements with Matrix
Alex Kirk

Alex Kirk, based in Vienna, Austria, is sponsored by Automattic to work on the WordPress project in the Polyglots and Meta team, for the latter he works on migrating the community from Slack to Matrix.

  • Migrating the WordPress Community from Slack to Matrix
Benedict Benken

Maintainer of Trixnity and co-founder of connect2x, a company that develops a TI-Messenger for the German helathcare system.

  • Trixnity - Multiplatform and Beyond
Benjamin "Ben" Kampmann

Benjamin is a long-term software developer, lead, educator and organizer in the open source and decentralization space. Since organising RustFest in Berlin 2015, he has been developing in Rust, first at MaidSafe, then on the Substrate Blockchain Framework (for Parity Tech) and on Matrix (the Matrix-Rust-SDK) for Element/New Vector.

He left New Vector earlier this year to work full-time with his team on Acter, which he has lead the development off since November 2021.

  • Acter - Activism Organizing on Matrix
Christian Paul

I'm a JavaScript full-stack dev who cares about conferences, communities

  • Support coordination at Thunderbird
  • Matrix Wrench
Diana Bedoya

Diana is a computer scientist with over 15 years experience in software development. She has been working in iKono Telecomunicaciones for the past 12 years developing software for call centers, PBX and contact centers. In the last four years Diana, as the leader of the iKono's software team, has been using [matrix] to develop tools to receive and send messages from most popular instant messaging apps in just one platform that can be easily used by contact centers' agents.

  • Using [matrix] application services to improve instant messaging in contact centers
Esteban Galvis Triana

Esteban is a computer scientist with over 2 years of experience developing products based in Matrix. He holds a master's degree in software from the UNIR-International University of La Rioja. He is a software developer at iKono Telecomunicaciones, where he has built software solutions for chat contact centers, chatbots, and bridges. Esteban's passion lies in creating cutting-edge technology that enhances communication and user experiences.

  • Menuflow: a [matrix] bot codeless builder.
Franziska Heintel

By day, I work at the Ethereum Foundation. By night and in my free time, I contribute to the Department of Decentralization (ETHBerlin). FOSS & privacy enthusiast.

  • Making Your Org Move Communications from Discord to Matrix - Lessons Learned
Greg Sutcliffe

Greg Sutcliffe is a Community Architect and Data Scientist, working for Red Hat in the Ansible Community for the last 4 years. He's advocated for improving community communication for years, and is a strong advocate for modern FOSS tooling such as Matrix and Discourse.

He's also a passionate gamer, baker, 3d printer, and walker.

  • Scalability is a nice problem to have: Successes and challenges in the Ansible Matrix space
Harshil Jani

Harshil Jani is an open source enthusiast and an Engineering Student with deep interest in decentralized or federated technologies. Rust is his current favorite programming language.

  • qaul – قول <-> Matrix Bridge
Kim Brose / HarHarLinks

Matrix homeserver admin since 2017 - Matrix dev @ Nordeck since 2022 - Organizer of Matrix meetups since 2023

  • NeoBoard: Building a Real-Time Collaborative Whiteboard Widget on Matrix
  • Pimp Your Chat and more
Mathias Jud

Mathias Jud is co-founder and project manager of qaul. He is a contemporary artist working on power relations in our digital communication society.

  • qaul – قول <-> Matrix Bridge
Matthew Hodgson

Matthew is co-founder and project lead of Matrix. After starting Matrix in 2014, he co-founded Element in 2017 to employ the core Matrix team and fund Matrix development. He splits his time between CEO/CTO at Element and directorship of the Foundation.

  • Matrix State of the Union
Michael Thiele

I am the co-founder of connect2x, a company that develops a TI-Messenger for the German helathcare system. I have a strong background in software development and like to build UIs that users enjoy using.

  • Timmy - customizing a messenger to your needs
Moritz Stückler

Moritz is a full-stack software developer from Hamburg, Germany. He is one of the two founders of bitbetter GmbH, which is a small software company trying to build useful and interesting solutions built on Matrix and other federated technologies.

  • Proposal for federated calendars via Matrix

Matrix developer since around late 2017 currently interested in hacking matrix at night and working on matrix at day at Nordeck.

  • Moderation on Matrix
Nadine Minagawa

I am a UX designer, passionate about making software useful and usable.
I initiated the polychat project which is funded by this seasons prototyp fund.

  • ASK ME ANYTHING - about UX and Design
  • Why Polychat will save the world

Nheko developer, failed physics student and employed by Famedly to work on Matrix stuff.

  • Moderation on Matrix
  • Implementing E2EE from Scratch
Pierre de Lacroix

Lead developer @ Technostructures (

  • An experiment on social network features on Matrix

Element VoIp team member working on Element Call, creator of TheBoard, long term matrix enthusiast and dreamer about all the things that could be powered by matrix. I am also a physics graduate and love discussing anything related.

Currently my main focus is to finally give the matrix ecosystem reliable and scalable calls as it deserves!

  • A generic Real Time (RTC) layer for the matrix ecosystem and Element Call
Valentin Riess

Computer Science student from Magdeburg (Germany).

I am kind of a matrix power-user and author of some Maubot plugins.

Some Synapse servers (work, university, private) are maintained by me. My private homeserver is



  • Show us your homeserver!
Yan Minagawa

I am Yan and matrix enthusiast.

  • What's next?