Benjamin "Ben" Kampmann

Benjamin is a long-term software developer, lead, educator and organizer in the open source and decentralization space. Since organising RustFest in Berlin 2015, he has been developing in Rust, first at MaidSafe, then on the Substrate Blockchain Framework (for Parity Tech) and on Matrix (the Matrix-Rust-SDK) for Element/New Vector.

He left New Vector earlier this year to work full-time with his team on Acter, which he has lead the development off since November 2021.

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Acter - Activism Organizing on Matrix
Benjamin "Ben" Kampmann

Last year we presented Effektio - the idea of building an organizing platform on Matrix. Since then we have merged the project with, a non-profit organizing platform and are building the next generation of the product line (Acter3) on the previous effektio platform. This Talk will give an overview where we stand, what the product can do (by now) and what our plans are for the immediate future.

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