qaul – قول <-> Matrix Bridge
2023-09-23, 14:15–14:35 (Europe/Berlin), Backstage

qaul – قول is an off-the-grid P2P messenger. qaul was developed with communities that cannot use Internet-based communication platforms due to Internet shutdowns, lack of connectivity and poor infrastructure, or due to surveillance and censorship.

In order to interconnect qaul with the matrix messenger, the qaul-matrix bridge was built. This talk will give some insights into this bot-bridge, it features and use. It includes an introduction into both worlds that are interconnected with this bridge and a live presentation of the bridge.

Mathias Jud is co-founder and project manager of qaul. He is a contemporary artist working on power relations in our digital communication society.

Harshil Jani is an open source enthusiast and an Engineering Student with deep interest in decentralized or federated technologies. Rust is his current favorite programming language.