Trixnity - Multiplatform and Beyond
2023-09-23, 15:30–16:00 (Europe/Berlin), Main Hall

Why use many SDKs when you can have one? Trixnity is not only cross platform capable, but also suitable for clients, bots, servers, appservices or anything in between (e.g. a proxy).

This talk shows how the aforementioned features are implemented and what challenges had to be overcome. It shows what Trixnity does differently and why. For example, a cache on top of the database was implemented by accident and timeline events are handled in a special way. A live demo will show a fast multiplatform matrix client based on Trixnity.

Recording on YouTube

Maintainer of Trixnity and co-founder of connect2x, a company that develops a TI-Messenger for the German helathcare system.