A generic Real Time (RTC) layer for the matrix ecosystem and Element Call
2023-09-22, 16:00–16:30 (Europe/Berlin), Main Hall

While matrix is a real time communication system it still stores all events.
But to empower a vision where matrix truly can be used to develop any real time experience by developing a client and leveraging it on the matrix server infrastructure.
Therefore matrix needs a standardized signaling system for establishing realtime (web rtc) connections between all participants and allow to exchange media and data streams.
In this talk I will present the jurney of building element call as a matriRTC application and present the findings we made to make this a stable extensible and secure infrastructure that leverages all the amazing features of matrix.

We will show a real time call and conferencing application with per sender key end to end encryption and making leveraging the matrix account verifiaction to guarantee the authenticity of participants. Which makes it one of the most secure digital realtime communication method.

We will also explore for what else this infrastructure can be used and give an overview on how to build your own realtime application based on matrix.

Recording on YouTube

Element VoIp team member working on Element Call, creator of TheBoard, long term matrix enthusiast and dreamer about all the things that could be powered by matrix. I am also a physics graduate and love discussing anything related.

Currently my main focus is to finally give the matrix ecosystem reliable and scalable calls as it deserves!