Matrix State of the Union
2023-09-22, 12:15–13:00 (Europe/Berlin), Main Hall

An overview of all the things the Matrix core team is currently up to, as a sequel to the FOSDEM Matrix 2.0 talk. Spoiler: hopefully we can announce Matrix 2.0!

This talk would give an overview of all the work that the Matrix core team has been focused since the 2022 Community Summit. Specifically, this will focus on all the latest progress on:
* Sliding Sync (and its implementations in matrix-rust-sdk)
* MatrixRTC and LiveKit
...and the culmination of all of the above in the form of Matrix 2.0, as showcased by Element in the form of Element X.

Recording on YouTube

Matthew is co-founder and project lead of Matrix. After starting Matrix in 2014, he co-founded Element in 2017 to employ the core Matrix team and fund Matrix development. He splits his time between CEO/CTO at Element and directorship of the Foundation.