Making Your Org Move Communications from Discord to Matrix - Lessons Learned
2023-09-23, 10:30–10:50 (Europe/Berlin), Main Hall

For more than 2 years, the Ethereum Foundation debated moving their org communications from Discord to Matrix. Now, we have set up our own Matrix server and bridged channels from Discord to Matrix. Why it's set up this way, what was holding the org back, why the decision and setup took so long, what are issues and lessons learned and what it takes to convince an org to move their comms to Matrix - I will do my best to share insights!

In my free time I am core contributor of the Department of Decentralization, which runs events like ETHBerlin and Protocol Berg in Berlin. We do all of our communications only on Matrix and our Protocol Berg / ETHBerlin space has roughly 1000 members. If time allows, I can also share insights, learnings and observations from that!

Recording on YouTube

By day, I work at the Ethereum Foundation. By night and in my free time, I contribute to the Department of Decentralization (ETHBerlin). FOSS & privacy enthusiast.