Using [matrix] application services to improve instant messaging in contact centers
2023-09-23, 14:45–15:15 (Europe/Berlin), Main Hall

In this talk, we want to share our experience using application services to develop an automated chat distributor for [matrix] that improves handling customer's incoming text messages from different sources in contact center environments.

In the past years the use of [matrix] as instant messaging and RTC platform has increased. Besides the common uses for self hosted, secure and federated communications as well as bridging to other chat networks, diverse uses for [matrix] have arised.

Given the versatility of [matrix], it has been used in contact center environments to add fully featured chats, agent/supervisor roles, multichannel communication via bridges and customized chat bot applications. All of the above thanks to [matrix] ecosystem and the multiple open source projects that are available.

In addtion to servers and clients, [matrix] application services provide extensible functionality decoupled from the homeserver. The typical use for application services is to build protocol bridges in order to interoperate with other networks. Nevertheless, application services have enormous potential in other use cases where a more grained control is needed in [matrix] rooms.

In this talk, we want to share our experience about building an application service to handle member functions (login, logout, pause, unpause), chat queueing and distribution as well as conversation states and event generation for metrics and statistics. All of this proven in production environments with multiple bridges and tens of thousands of chat rooms.

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Diana is a computer scientist with over 15 years experience in software development. She has been working in iKono Telecomunicaciones for the past 12 years developing software for call centers, PBX and contact centers. In the last four years Diana, as the leader of the iKono's software team, has been using [matrix] to develop tools to receive and send messages from most popular instant messaging apps in just one platform that can be easily used by contact centers' agents.